Three members of our RE Resource Group and Safehands Recruitment teams, Rina Gendvilaite , Natalie Chard and Katie Armstrong represented the Beavers by Skydiving for Charity on the 27th May 2017 at Bracknell Airfield, Oxfordshire in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

They were all nervously excited about the jump and actually scared of heights, but determined to raise money for this very worthwhile charity.

Katie also organised a very successful fundraising evening with drinks, food and amazing raffle prizes!

In all the team raised over £1000

Well done all!

About Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is different for everyone and you can get symptoms in many parts of your body. MS is a neurological condition. That means it affects your nerves. It’s caused when your immune system isn’t working properly. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition of the central nervous system. In MS, the coating around nerve fibres (called myelin) is damaged, causing a range of symptoms. For more details please visit: